Message from the Hon. Late Chairperson.

I am Chithrangani Kumari Wijethunga. I am the only daughter of late Hon Dingiri Banda Wijethunga who was the former president and an eminent political leader of Sri Lanka.

He was a self-confident s honest and a simple person. I observed that he possessed the rare quality of facing both success and failure with clear understanding . I too cultivated this magnificent quality from his example. Another noble quality he possessed is patiently listening to everybody and always adopting positive attitudes.

My father commenced political career as a Private Secretary to a Minster Subsequently he served as an M. P., Minister , Governor s Prime Minister and President. He treated all the people equally and without any political religious or caste affiliations. As a result he become very popular among all the people.

He was a devout Buddhist and led a Charming life in accordance with Buddhist principles. He kindly treated his parents .brothers and sisters . My mother. Wimalawathie Kumarihamy Wijethunga was a source of strength for my father. He was a loyal husband. My father brought me up with great dedication . I am proud to be a daughter of a great person like my father.

I accepted the position of chairperson of D. B. Wijethunga Foundation as this is a valuable opportunity to continue the social service rendered my father.

This Foundation is a charity organization with the objective of helping the poor needy . I solicit the help and contribution of all of you to fulfill the objectives of this foundation.