Message from Chairman & Actg. Treasurer Mr. Ashoka Marapana

After gaining independence, late Hon. Dingiri Banda Wijethunga is the only leader who became the president of Sri Lanka effortlessly and by a stroke of fortune. It is an indisputable historical fact. It is meritorious, gift to be in the service of such a noble person. I: Punchi Bandara Prasad Marapana am that gifted person.

I commenced the service under this punctual and honest leader when I was a student. I had the fortune of serving him for over 25 years. I consider him as a father.

The most important lesson I leamt from him is performing the duties according to the self consciousness. I remember the past events. I realize the great importance of those qualities. The programme of work of D. B. Wijethunga Foundation has been planned according to the vision of Hon. D. B. Wijethunga. I served him as his public relations secretary for over 20 years. Functions of the Foundation are performed on the guidance of Ms. Chithrangani Kumari Wijethunga: the Chairperson, I have been appointed as the treasurer of this Foundation as Late hon. D. B. Wijethunga laced a great confidence in me. I shall therefore perform these functions to achieve the objectives according to my consciousness.