Message from the Hon . Secretary

I am very glad to send this congratulatory message on this important occasion of creating a website for D. B. Wijethunga Foundation which was established for continuation of the Social Services rendered by Hon. D. B. Wijethunga . former president of Sri Lanka. I consider it a great fortune to be the Secretary of this Foundation from the inception.

The foxmer president was immensely fortunate to hold prestigious positions such as Member of Parliament, Deputy Minister. Prime Minister and ultimately the President of Sri Lanka. He was an unassuming leader of the nation and during the short teim he functioned as the President, he provided a dedicated service for achieving war victories and economic development of the country until he retired from active politics in 1994. Even after the retirement he continued his noble social services tirelessly. His name will be immortal in the history of Sri Lanka.

I was a dose associate of him for ova: 20 years. I maintained very close and cordial relations with him when he served as the prime Minister and the President of Sri Lanka. I was so closely connected with him as he was a student of my father, late Mr. E. L. Weerasinghe who saved in St. Andrews college, Gampola. I became a very close friend of him after I came to know his historical background through late Mr. W. P. Dasanayake who was the forma: chief Minister of the Central Province.
During the period of his retirement, I visited him frequently and I was very fortunate to acquire a vast knowledge from him.
I was very keen on making a valuable contribution to preserve his name, I got the pretty good idea of establishing a Foundation in his name. When I informed him of this suggestion, he gave his full consent. I dedicatedly devoted myself to implement this concept and achieved the ultimate aim.

While continuing programme of this Foundation I thought that it would be thoroughly proper to offex the position of chairperson to Ms Chithrangani Kumari Wijethunga, daughter of the late President. She willingly accepted this offer and commenced functioning as the chairperson making valuable contributions.

The foundation has successfully implemented various donation programmes and many well wishers and dose assodates of the forma: President encouraged us and made valuable contributions. As the Secretary I greatly appredate their kind gestures and I dedicatedly continue to provide my services throughout my life.