Donation of spectacles, cloths, medicines etc. to the poor and needy. Donation of wheel chairs and other such apparatus to disabled persons Assistance to school children from poor families by donating school books stationeryand cloths.

Granting of scholarships to deserving students who lack resources for their higher .education.

Donation of dry rations, cloths, potable water to victims of floods, draughts and other such natural disasters.

Establishment of Montessori schools in undeveloped areas where there are no such institutes.

Assistance to Homes for the Aged

Donation of materials to victims of natural disasters to build houses. Organization of blood donation camps with relevant organizations


Donation of spectacles - Uda Dumbara Donation of dry rations - at Kantale

Donation of household equipment through Social Service Department, Kandy

Cash donations to religious places .

Conducting Bodhi Pujas

Donation of wheel chairs

Donation of sports equipment .

Providing medical aid to dry rations, water, school books etc. to drought affected areas